Roller Door Motors Adelaide – Quality Openers For Your Garage Door

Roller Door Adelaide supply all makes and models of roller doors motors, including ATA, Merlin, B&D and various others. Please enquire and we will suggest the best solution to suit your needs.

Our technicians are fully qualified and adhere to the highest of standards. This means ensuring that not only will your new garage door motor will be installed properly, but will include a full inspection of your garage door. Should any problems be identified, our customer will be informed and they will be repaired and corrected. If the issue is significant and requires a significant amount of work or additional replacement parts to be ordered, we will advise on the most cost effective solution prior to commencing any work.

It is our ethos at Roller Doors Adelaide that our customers be provided with the most cost effective solutions possible. If our customer simply requires a functional roller door without perfect cosmetic appearance, we can repair it to such a standard. Should our customer require their garage door to be picture perfect, we can meet your requirements.

Irrespective of your requirements, we will always endeavour to provide the most cost effective solution.

Bear in mind that cost effective is a reference to our honesty.

Our policy towards sub-standard and/or poor quality is very simple, and can be defined in two words: Zero Tolerance.