Gliderol Garage Doors

The team at Glide Roller Doors Adelaide are able to supply any and all parts, accessories, and motors for Gliderol garage doors throughout the state of South Australia. We can supply replacement garage door motors, a spare remote for convenient access, as well as provide repairs and various other forms of maintenance services.

We not only repair garage doors, but we can also quote for brand new installations, as well as automating your existing roller door from manual to motorised at an extremely competitive price. We have a small but great team who are locally based here in Adelaide, and have been for many years residents of South Australia, as well as being involved in some form in the garage door industry in the state in various capacities.

We are confident we can take on any job and provide you with the best solution to suit your requirements, given the quality knowledge base of our team here at Glide Roller Doors, as well as their vast experience.

We welcome any and all jobs, regardless of how big or small, and are always happy to help with any enquiry a customer may have.

We have a range of spare parts available in emergency situations, as well as second hand parts that, although not ideal, may be of interest to certain customers who don’t often use a particular door and do not wish to spend a significant sum of money. We obviously keep these in good condition so that they are presentable and are a viable alternative, so please don’t think they are from the rubbish dump.

As always, we welcome any enquiries and look forward to assisting you to the best of our abilities. Please do not feel silly asking a minor question about something we have done 5000 times. We understand garage doors and their related components, parts, and remote controls break down and are difficult to troubleshoot.

We also hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do! It did cost us a little more than expected but please be assured we will not put this expense onto our customers!